Yalumba Nursery About Us

About Us

Yalumba Nursery, established in 1975, is Australia’s most reliable source of quality grafted grapevines.

Yalumba Nursery specialise in:

  • variety selection
  • clone selection
  • rootstock selection
  • alternative variety selection
  • rootstock and clone evaluation
  • importation of new varieties and clones

Yalumba Nursery is an ISO9001:2008 accredited supplier, and we guarantee the quality and integrity of our vines and services.

Our connection with Yalumba Wines provides us and our customers with the opportunity to evaluate new and emerging varieties and clones using small-lot winemaking.  Yalumba vineyard managers and winemakers provide invaluable feedback and insights on clone and rootstock performance.  This is unique; no other nursery in Australia has access to this level of information.  Finally, Yalumba Nursery, as an integral component of Yalumba Wines, has a long-term commitment to the industry.

Yalumba Nursery has developed strong relationships with leading grapevine variety, clone and rootstock selection programmes from around the globe and are the sole distributors of the ENTAV-INRA® and IFG (International Fruit Genetics) variety and clone selections.

To find out how Yalumba Nursery can help you grow your business contact Nick Dry (Yalumba Nursery Viticulturist).