Yalumba Nursery Team


Nick Dry (Nursery Manager and Viticulturist)

Nick joined the Yalumba Nursery team in 2008. He is responsible for the management of the nursery and is the person to talk to when it comes to the selection of varieties, clones and rootstocks.  Nick has had over 10 years experience in the wine industry across a number of regions and authored the publication Grapevine Rootstocks: Selection and Management for South Australia Vineyards. Nick is married and lives in the Barossa Valley with his winemaker wife, Clare. When he is not a work he can be found pottering around in his garden or running around on the hockey field.

Linda McLeod (Office Manager)

Linda McLeod started in the Nursery in June 1994, working between administration and the grafting floor. Since then Linda has remained one of the constants at the Nursery and developed an intimate knowledge of the business. Linda is the first point of call with our customers, and her dual role during vintage in the grape lab at Yalumba's Angaston winery also means that she has detailed knowledge of many of our customers’ needs.  Linda is married with two children and five grandchildren.  She dreams of a day when she can spend all her time with the grandchildren, but at the moment she works to spoil them all.

Liam Pratt (Nursery Operations Manager)

Liam spent over 13 years working in Local Government where he built an extensive knowledge of Horticulture and Natural Area Restoration and Management. During his last 5 years’ in Local Government he branched out from Horticulture to oversee the Occupational Health and Safety, Injury Management and Return to Work programs. In the 12 months leading to Liam joining the Yalumba Nursery Team, he returned to his Horticultural roots working as a lecturer in Horticulture. Away from work Liam can be found fishing on the Yorke Peninsula, or pretty much where-ever you find water.

Robin Nettelbeck (Yalumba Chief Viticulturist)

Robin Nettelbeck is Chief Viticulturist for the Yalumba Wine Company, based in Angaston in the Barossa Valley.  He is responsible for all viticultural production including grape purchasing, Yalumba vineyards, and the Yalumba Nursery.  Robin joined the wine Industry more than 25 years ago and has acquired extensive experience across all viticultural disciplines from research and development, clone and rootsock selection through to intensive premium vineyard and environmental management. His industry experience has seen him involved in vine improvement at regional, state and national levels.

Marty Burnell (Oxford Landing Estate Operations Manager)

Marty was travelling through the Riverland thirty years ago looking for short-term work when he took a position at Oxford Landing Estate. He never left. He manages rootstock and scion cutting as well as the logistics of field nursery planting and lifting. Marty loves the Murray River and golf.