Yalumba Nursery Grafted Root Dormant Vine

Grafted Dormant Vine


  • Rootstock and scion hot water treated at 50ºC for 30 minutes and 20 minutes respectively, prior to grafting
  • Omega grafted
  • Field grown for 1 season
  • Trueness to type checked in field nursery 
  • Graft unions pressure tested
  • Graded on root and shoot growth
  • Rootlings hot water treated at 52ºC for 5 minutes prior to delivery
  • Graded rootlings bundled and labelled into lots of 25

Production Cycle:

September - Vines are grafted and callused

October - Vines are waxed and planted into the field nursery

October -May - Vines develop in the field nursery.

July-August- Vines are lifted and transported back to the nursery, where they are trimmed and treated for surface pathogens and then stored in the cool room awaiting customer delivery.

September-December (following year)- Vines ready for planting.


Vines are strong, dormant and have good levels of carbohydrates

Supplied dormant, so the vines are well suited to transport

Can be planted earlier in the season compared with a potted vine


Longer lead time compared with potted vines.