Yalumba Nursery Grafted Root Potted Vine

Grafted Potted Vine


  • Grafted and planted in the same year
  • Rootstock and scion hot water treated at 50C for 30 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, prior to grafting
  • Omega grafted
  • Grown in a controlled environment in the automated glasshouse
  • Trueness to type checked 
  • Planted into biodegradable poly coated board 50x50x228mm

Production Cycle:

August- Vines are grafted and callused

Late August- Vines are waxed and planted into white biodegradable pots and placed in the glasshouse

September- October- Growth of the vines is forced in the ideal growing conditions of the glasshouse

October-November- Vines are hardened off in the shadehouse

Early November-early December- ready for delivery


Grafted and supplied in the same season.


Delivery later in the season (late November)
Less flexibility with transport
Less robust compared with a dormant vine, therefore requires more management inputs.