Yalumba Nursery Services Provided

Services Provided

Yalumba Nursery can help you during the vineyard planning process through to young vine management.

Technical advice

Yalumba Nursery will guide you in the selection of variety, clone and rootstock.

We have a long history of experience with vineyard establishment and general viticulture through our involvement with Yalumba wines.


We can help with the importation of a new variety or clone from overseas, and we can rapidly propagate the material after its release from quarantine.

Interstate Plant Health Certificates

We handle all plant health certificates for New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

Packing and Freight

All orders are packed into plastic-lined durable containers to minimise dehydration.

 Bins 900mm x 1150 mm x 1150 with a pallet bottom hold approximately 2000 dormant vines.

Cardboard boxes hold approximately 200 vines.

Approximate freight costs ex Barossa Valley
State                             Per Crate (2000 dormant vines or 450 pots)        Per Box (200 vines)
Victoria                                   $250                                                                             $55                  
New South Wales                $275                                                                             $55                  
Queensland                          $350                                                                             $100                

Hot-Water Treatment (HWT)

All vines are HWT before dispatch (52°C for 5 minutes, except NSW 54°C for 5 minutes).  A fee is payable for other non-Yalumba Nursery vines.  Temperature is logged for every batch.  Temperature gauges are calibrated annually.