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Products + Services

Yalumba Nursery specialises in supplying dormant 1 year old vines grown at our field nursery situated in the sandy soils of South Australia's Riverland. In addition, using the latest greenhouse technology from Europe the Nursery is able to supply potted vines for planting in late Spring.

A complete range of services is available to grape growers wishing to maximise the security of their planting material.


Mist Propagation 

  • Rapid propagation of green cuttings. 
  • Potted propagules ready to plant the following season
  • Containerised in durable returnable pots.
  • Labels provide information on the following: variety, clone, class, source, and rootstock, class, source as well as a batch number which can be used in tracing all critical processing points back to the cutting source.


  • From standard size cuttings through to 1 bud cuttings and grafted cuttings.
  • Delivery in callusing containers ensure minimal disruption.

Cold Storage

  • All purchasers of dormant vines are able to leave their vines in the Yalumba cold room at no charge for 3 weeks post notification of their availability.
  • Subsequently charges apply.
  • The cold room temperature is set at 2ºC and logged constantly to ensure ideal storage conditions.

Hot Water Treatment

  • This service is free of charge for purchasers of vines.
  • A fee is payable for other users.
  • All Hot Water Treatment plants have been tested in accordance with NATA requirements and meet ISO9001-2000 requirements.
  • Temperature logged for every batch

Fungicide Treatment 

  • Recommended for the extended storage of cuttings and vines.

Vine Trimming 

  • For vine purchasers the Nursery is able to trim your vines to your required specifications.

Interstate Plant Movement Certificates

  • Handling of all plant movement forms for interstate orders is undertaken by the Nursery on your behalf.

Packaging and Freight

  • All orders are packed into plastic lined durable containers with no chance of dehydration or direct sunlight onto the vines.
  • Wooden bins 900 mm x 115 mm x 115 mm with pallet bottom hold approximately 2000 vines.
  • Cardboard boxes delivered ex Australia Post hold approximately 200 vines. Freight pricing schedule ex Barossa Valley.