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Please contact Yalumba Nursery on 08 8568 7700 or


Yalumba Nursery requires a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice prior to dispatch in order to process vines.

  • Unless customers have a credit account with Yalumba Nursery, credit terms are payment prior to delivery, so please ensure that you contact Yalumba Nursery in advance of dispatch to finalise payment.

  • All interstate orders are preferably dispatched on a Monday, so as to arrive at their destination within that week, ready for planting in the following week.

  • For example, growers wishing to plant on September 14th need to inform Yalumba Nursery on September the 1st for dispatch on September the 7th.

  • Between delivery and planting, vines are required to be kept moist and cool, but should NOT be placed in cool storage (below 5°C)

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